Nunn Telephone Company brings the world to the communities of Nunn and Carr, Colorado and our rural subscribers through quality, state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies.

We are a rural company, locally owned and operated, which endeavors to enrich our local community with the latest communications services for our subscribers.

We realize our customers are our neighbors, and we strive to provide quality, modern, dependable telecommunications services at a reasonable price.

EZLink  on Caller ID = EasyLink Services, Inc. @ 1-800-828-7115

A company that turns emails into faxes, EasyLink Services Inc., is using our domain name (EZLink) on Caller ID. Recipients of the fax calls that are searching for the source of the calls have been finding our website, (, and contacting us to stop the fax calls.

If you are receiving these calls and want to contact the company originating the calls, please contact EasyLink Services @ 1-800-828-7115. 

To access an online form that allows you to submit a request to block these fax transmissions CLICK HERE.

We hope to resolve the issue soon.


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